Promote Your Giveaway: Email Newsletter

Promote Your Giveaway on Your Email Newsletter

While email marketing has evolved a lot on the past 5 years, email certainly isn’t dead. If you’ve ever launched a promotion or sale with the help of a large email subscriber base, you probably know all too well that email marketing channels can make a huge impact. Promoting your giveaway on your email list something you should think about if you don’t to it already. Here you’ll learn a few tips to get your giveaway an extra boost through email marketing.

Email newsletter timing

If you’re planning on sending out a newsletter and want to include a link to your promotion, there are two specific times you'd be recommended to do so:

Promote Your Giveaway in a Newsletter

If you were going to send out a max of two emails during your giveaway, these are the two best recommended times. You may decide to send more than just two emails while your giveaway is running. The amount of emails sent to an email list can vary from organization to organization. Although one to two emails a month might work best for most, it's up to you and your goals to dictate what will work best for your brand.

Transactional emails

In addition to your newsletter, perhaps you send out other transactional emails to your readers. For example, when someone uses Rafflecopter to run a giveaway, they’ll be sent an email when they sign up, as their giveaway starts, when their giveaway ends, 24 hours before it ends, when someone downloads a spreadsheet of their entries, etc. While your giveaway is open, consider placing a 80 character message in the bottom of your transactional emails linking to your giveaway. The additional exposure should help!

Embedding giveaway in a newsletter?

If you’re thinking about embedding your giveaway in a newsletter, you should reconsider. While it’s theoretically possible to try this, it wouldn't be very practical given that most email clients strip out or disable javascript in order to prevent malicious code execution or other security issues. Since the Rafflecopter widget is a javascript application, you’d be best not to try this.

In addition, there are significant benefits to keeping your giveaway live on one landing page that entrants can link their friends to. Your best bet is to link your newsletter subscribers to your site or your blog where the giveaway is taking place.

If you plan on running your giveaway on Facebook, your best bet would be to first write a Facebook status update that announces your giveaway and then link to it. Once that status update is live on your Facebook timeline, link your email subscribers to that status update that includes the mobile-friendly URL vs linking directly to the mobile-friendly URL.

Have a well-built email marketing plan

Having an active & engaged email list is something any savvy marketer should have. Here’s a curated list of other compelling blog posts and materials about email marketing that you’ll find helpful:

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