Promote Your Giveaway: Instagram

Promote Your Giveaway on Instagram

Like Pinterest, Instagram is a great place to promote your giveaway by providing another visual medium for your content. Boasting over 200M users, 100% of your Instagram posts will appear on your customers newsfeed, which can translate into more brand recognition. Having an active presence on Instagram is just one more way you can drive awareness to your giveaway. In this section, you’ll learn a few tips to get your giveaway extra exposure through Instagram.

Posting photos / videos

Instagram allows you to post both photos and videos to your account. While Instagram opened up the ability to view Instagram profiles from your desktop, in order to post to Instagram, it must be done through a mobile device. Instagram probably won’t let you upload images from the web anytime soon; it’s an app focused on photos taken in real-time on the go. Giving users the ability to upload from the web could make the Instagram community less authentic.

Promote Your Giveaway with an Instagram photo

Here are some other subjects you should keep in mind when thinking about how to promote your giveaway through Instagram:

Have a great Instagram account

Having an active & engaged presence on Instagram can help your promotions be more successful. Here’s a curated list of other compelling blog posts and materials about marketing on Instagram that you’ll find helpful:


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