Promote Your Giveaway: Twitter

Promote Your Giveaway on Twitter

Got a Twitter account? Of course you do! Your business should be on Twitter; it’s a great way to connect with your customers, gather customer feedback, and is a great way to generate some buzz about your giveaway. In this section, you’ll learn how you can best promote your giveaway on Twitter.

Tweeting a message

A tweet is a 140-character message that you create and post on your Twitter account. It’s a public message that anyone can see, but will get the most visibility from those that follow your account on Twitter.

Promote Your Giveaway with a Pinned Tweet

Promoting your giveaway on Twitter through a tweet is the easiest way to share your promotion with your followers. You can link anyone from a tweet to wherever you’re running your giveaway. Unlike a Facebook status update, you’ll need to pick and choose what you say carefully as you’re limited to 140 characters, which includes the 22 characters it typically takes to include a URL linking to the promotion.

Here are some other subjects you should be thinking about to help your giveaway receive more traffic through Twitter:

Have a great Twitter profile

While the tips above should help your giveaway, running a great / healthy Twitter account will only help your promotions be more successful. Here’s a curated list of other compelling blog posts and materials about Twitter marketing that you should find helpful:


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