Promote Your Giveaway: Pinterest

Promote Your Giveaway on Pinterest

The initial hype is officially gone and the dust has settled: Pinterest is a major player in the social networking realm. If you’re a blogger or a business and don’t have a Pinterest account, you’re missing out! Visual content marketing is becoming the norm and Pinterest is leading the way. Having an active presence on Pinterest gives you a chance to engage with your fans and drive traffic back to your website. In this section, you’ll learn some tips that will get your giveaway extra exposure on Pinterest.

Pinning an image

If you’ve written a blog post and have included images in your post, your readers who are active on Pinterest can pin one of your images if they find it compelling. A pin is like a bookmark that you collect on boards. If your readers see an image on your page that they like, they can pin it on a board in their Pinterest account to save it for later or to share it with their Pinterest following.

Pinterest can help play a role in promoting your giveaway in two ways.

First, if some aspect of the prize you’re giving away is photogenic, posting those images on the same page where you’re running your giveaway can help drive traffic. When someone views the images on your giveaway’s landing page and the images you’ve included are high quality & worthy of pinning, you could receive some additional traffic to your site from those who are pinning those images and their followers.

If your prize image isn’t photogenic (for example, you’re giving away a gift card), you can still create compelling graphics that you can post on your giveaway’s landing page. In addition to your fans pinning these images on your giveaway’s landing page, you can pin these images yourself on your own Pinterest account, driving more traffic to your promotion.

Second, if you don’t have any images on the same landing page where you’re running your giveaway for one reason or another, you can still log into your Pinterest account and pin those images directly to your boards and drive traffic to your site via your Pinterest followers. The more followers that see you post these images on your account, the better the chance you can drive more traffic to your promotion.

You can still create and pin graphics that describe your giveaway and how much time is left, how participants can enter, etc.

Promote Your Giveaway with a Pinterest Image

Here are some other subjects you should be thinking about to help your giveaway receive more traffic from pinning images on Pinterest:

Have a great Pinterest profile

While the tips above should help your giveaway, having an active & engaged presence on Pinterest will only help your promotions be more successful. Here’s a curated list of other compelling blog posts and materials about Pinterest marketing that you’ll find helpful:


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