Your Privacy

Your Privacy

The privacy of Rafflecopter users and their audience is taken very seriously.

When you run a giveaway w/ Rafflecopter, you'll have direct access to the entrants' name, email, IP, time of when they entered, and how they entered. When users sign into the widget, they can use either their FB account via FB connect, or use their name and email address combo.

You’ll be provided the email address of everyone that entered so that you're able to contact the winners of your promotion.

As far as the data that’s collected by Rafflecopter, you can refer to the Rafflecopter privacy policy for specifics. This data will never be sold or used in a malicious way. Entrants who enter your giveaways set up through the Rafflecopter application will never be contacted by us. Privacy is a concerning issue for bloggers, entrants, and companies alike.

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