About Rafflecopter

About Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter is a bootstrapped software startup based in Boulder, CO that builds web applications that make it easy to run an online giveaway. Rafflecopter started in early 2011 after noticing no sound solution for running a giveaway on a blog. Since then, the Rafflecopter user base has grown to 100k+ users, powering hundreds of thousands of giveaways.

Rafflecopter is a small team of 8 working out of offices in downtown Boulder, CO. We're working hard to build a team of smart and motivated people that are ambitious and have the desire to learn and grow personally and professionally. Our team is small, talented & focused, and we take pride in building & supporting delightful products with robust, intelligent systems underneath.

You can email us at info@rafflecopter.com, or chat with us on Facebook or Twitter.

And psst, we’re hiring! You can learn more about who we are by checking out our company profiles on LinkedIn and AngelList.


In the 'Setting Up Your Rafflecopter Giveaway' section, you'll learn how to optimize the three core aspects of your giveaway: the prizes that you’re giving away, how people will participate, and your promotion’s timeframe.