Getting Started

Getting Started

Getting started with Rafflecopter is easy! Go to the sign up page, enter your name and email address, create a password, and open an account. After establishing your account, you’re ready to create your first giveaway. You’re welcome to create a test / demo giveaway widget in your account. You'll find the process of creating your first giveaway quick & intuitive. Feel free to refer to the guides found here to help make your first of many promotions successful.


To Pay Or Not To Pay?

To become more familiar with Rafflecopter, sign up for a free account first and poke around at the demo giveaway or create a few test giveaways to help decide if you’d like to access the premium features. There isn’t any need to pay for an account when you sign up.

If you decide to upgrade your account, you'll be asked to enter your billing information. Rafflecopter uses as a trusted payment processor; your credit card information will be stored off-site, encrypted, and protected. The moment you upgrade, you’ll have access to those premium features.

Similar to a Netflix, Spotify, or Hulu subscription, your premium subscription will be set to recurring billing on a monthly basis at the price of the package you signed up for unless you decide to stop your monthly subscription.

As long as your Rafflecopter premium subscription is active, your account will be charged each month. There isn’t a minimum amount of months to be signed up for and you can cancel you paying subscription and revert back to the free subscription at any time. Read more about Rafflecopter payments & billing on our knowledge base.

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