Rafflecopter Use Cases

Rafflecopter Use Cases

If you or your business has an online following (such as a blog or a Facebook page) and you think your customers, fans, & followers would enjoy the chance at winning a prize, you’ll find benefit in using Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter is used by brands, businesses, agencies, PR firms, and bloggers alike.

In addition to our customer stories page, you’ll find some use cases describing who is already using Rafflecopter below.

Brands & Businesses

Rafflecopter was created with brands and businesses in mind. If your company has a blog or Facebook page w/ an audience, Rafflecopter will work for you. From a local gelato shop, to dentist offices, to ecommerce companies, to large CPG companies, all kinds of companies use Rafflecopter:

Agencies & PR Firms

Many agencies and PR firms have used Rafflecopter as an easy solution to manage their clients’ promotions. If you’re running a handful of giveaways for your clients across different domains and Facebook pages, there’s no need to use more than one account.

Bloggers & Online Publishers

Back when Rafflecopter started in 2011, running giveaways on blogs was inefficient and scattered process. At the time, there were only a few apps that provided a solution, and they were expensive. Rafflecopter was born to help provide a solution.

Today, over two-thirds of the people that use Rafflecopter are bloggers & online publishers looking for an easy and cost-effective way to manage their giveaway promotions. Often times, bloggers give away products that either they’re passionate about that will get their readers excited, products they’ve created, or products given to them by sponsoring companies.

Publishers in the following blogging niches that have found benefit in using Rafflecopter: Parenting and Family, Technology, Fashion, Food, Travel, Lifestyle, Gaming, Finance, Photography, etc.

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