Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Before installing and promoting your giveaway, one topic worth discussing is your giveaway’s terms and conditions. These are effectively the official rules of your giveaway; think of it as a booklet that would come in the box of a board game that describes the rules and how to play.

Here are several topics you should consider when coming up with your terms and conditions:

Paying attention to the above topics can protect you and your entrants from disputes. Well-written rules will make it easy to determine if entrants are eligible, if they entered on time, what their prize is, etc.

One feature the Rafflecopter platform offers allows you to access to a terms and conditions template that makes it easy to create your own rules. Providing terms and conditions for all your promotions is vital to the success of your giveaway. However, they don't have to be as complicated as everyone makes them out to be. This feature is provided in the Rafflecopter platform to make it easy for you to add official terms and conditions / rules for your promotions.

While this feature can help you save a lot of time, please understand that you and only you are solely responsible for your promotion's compliance with the law and the legality surrounding your promotions. Metric Feat, LLC (creators of Rafflecopter) is in no way responsible for your promotion or the legality surrounding your promotion.

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