Displaying Prize Images

Displaying Prize Images

Describing the prize you’re giving away will get your entrants more excited to participate. In this case, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is a statement you should keep in mind. Displaying a picture of the prize that your entrants can win makes the giveaway more tangible.

As a recommended best practice, add crisp, attractive images of the prize you’re giving away in the location where your promotion is running. If you're a Pinterest user, make the image 'pinnable', which means creating an image your fans would enjoy sharing with their readers and Pinterest followers. For additional information, here’s a recommended article that will help you design images that your fans will enjoy sharing.

Adding images to your widget is feature that is offered in each Rafflecopter paid subscriptions. The 'Add a Prize Image / Slideshow' enables you to upload images into your giveaway and display them directly on your widget. Learn more about this feature on the Rafflecopter knowledge base.

If you’re looking for some apps that will help you easily create better images for your giveaway, here are four tools you should check out:


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